Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still more "Wait for It" responses

LOTS of talk about the season premiere out on the blogosphere. Here are some of the links I've found:

Matthew Gilbert reviews it at Boston.com's Viewer Discretion blog where he misses the Ted/Robin pairing.

Rodyssey's Odyssey enjoyed the hell out of it.

angel_grace was not disappointed.

Maggie at TiFaux thought the premiere was excellent.

Cootiehog declares it the awesomest opener yet.

doctorpop loved the last 30 seconds.

InvalidCookies loves the characters and is looking forward to another season with them.

My DVR Rules My Life
loves that the show has resolved Ted/Robin and loves the realistic and relatable way the characters are presented.

nonconformity93 thought the premiere was amazing.

Confusion Never Stops
is also missing Ted/Robin but thought the premiere was great.

Tall at stuff that concerns us was a bit underwhelmed and thought the show was trying too hard.

Jeanius doesn't think the show has lost steam.

Pop.nography is glad to have their favorite show back.

South Dakota Dark missing hanging out the gang as he declares it TV's most welcoming comedy.

Katey at Cinema Blend still finds the show fresh and unexpectedly funny as she lists her favorite 5 moments from the show.

Gordon recaps it at TV Fodder.

Amanda in Real Life found it as funny as ever.

Doctor the Blog thinks the show has been in decline since season 1 and was not amused by the Cadillac or Mandy Moore product placement.

It Happened Last Night recaps it over at zap2it.

Jump the Shark wanted more laughs, but t hought the show was pretty good.

What's Alan Watching gives the show a tramp stamp of approval.

I'm sure I missed plenty of others, so feel free to share in the Comments.

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