Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Watch HIMYM Online!

The latest "Ask Ausiello" column is available over at He shoots down two possible shows he was refering to in the blind item that started all this fuss and then makes a non-too-subtle segue to mentioning that "How I Met Your Mother" episodes are available online at Anyone holding out hope that its not HIMYM can take that as a sign to stop hoping and start acting.

And indeed, he gives us a hint on another way to get CBS's attention. I know we all watch HIMYM every week. Many of us have episodes TiVoed from the start of the season. But, CBS doesn't know we are doing that. They do know when someone watches a show online.

So, head on over to the official "How I Met Your Mother" page on Click the link to watch episodes on CBS's "Innertube" service an enjoy this great show with the full knowledge that your viewing will be catalogged on a server log for all to see.

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