Monday, March 26, 2007

Save HIMYM: Online Feedback

I hope everyone's written their letters and voted in polls, etc. I was thinking that an organized "virtual demonstration" might be effective, too. I'm wary about the effectiveness of online feedback. I know a lot of organizations barely glance at their online feedback. If the "I Love HIMYM" emails trickled in over a week, they may go unnoticed. However, if we all hit them on Monday night after the show airs, that might catch some attention.

So, I'm asking all "How I Met Your Mother" fans to go to tonight and scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Feedback" to let them know that you love the show and are looking forward to its 3rd season. If we make a habit of doing this every week, we might be able to draw some more attention to the strong fanbase for HIMYM.

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Brian said...

Here's what I had to say this week...

I'm so thrilled that "How I Met Your Mother" is part of the CBS line-up. It is a terrific show that I watch every week, reruns included. I'm looking forward to the remaining new episodes of this season and especially to its third season this fall. CBS has a gem on their hands.