Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Introduction of Sorts

This blog is for fans of "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS. Specifically, fans of "How I Met Your Mother" who want to continue enjoying the show on CBS.

This all started on March 21, when TV Guide columnist Michael Ausiello posted a "blind item" on entitled "Beloved Comedy on the Bubble". In it, he suggests an unnamed sitcom is at risk of cancellation which is not often thought as being "on the bubble". From his hints, its not hard to see that "How I Met Your Mother" is the likely show being discussed. Ausiello suggests that the show's future depends on people acting on his blind item. That's what "Your Mom Is A Blog" is all about.

Sure, we don't know for certain that HIMYM is at risk. Still, would it hurt to show CBS our appreciation of the show? I think not. I'm starting this blog to urge fans of "How I Met Your Mother" to write CBS and their local CBS affiliates to express their love for HIMYM and how much they hope the show will stay on the air for years to come. Lets offer some positive reinforcement. We shouldn't need talk of cancelation to express our enjoyment of the TV Shows we like. We TV Networks do right, we should let them know. We should thank them. All too often, people only complain about things they don't like. Understandably. They don't like a show, so they complain. They don't want a show cancelled, so they complain. Well, that's all well and good and I'm not here to say that TV viewer's shouldn't voice our negative opinions. But let us also take the opportunity to let our positive opinions be known. Let us train our networks not simply with the snark of the chain, but also with praise in a calm soothing voice. And possibly doggie treats. You know, if TV Execs go for that sort of thing.

So, I call upon the fans of "How I Met Your Mother" to write to CBS. Write to your local CBS station. Tell them that they are doing something right. Whether HIMYM is at risk or not, there is nothing wrong with telling someone they've done something good, and "How I Met Your Mother" is definitely good.

I'll try to keep this Introduction at the top of my blog, so continue reading for information about contacting local affiliates, calls to action, sample letters, and more. Let our voices be heard. Let CBS known that we like them.

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