Friday, March 30, 2007

Contact the Advertisers!

Over at the TWoP forums, it was suggested that contacting advertisers would be a good way to drum up support for "How I Met Your Mother". Never one to pass up the chance to steal a good idea, I sat down with my TiVo and cataloged all of the advertisers for Season 2 of HIMYM.

My TiVo has all first-run episodes, so these are only the advertisers for new episodes. Also, while I tried to take out any local ads, some are hard to catch since they might be a national advertiser buying local time. I tried to be safe rather than sorry, but just be warned that some of the advertisers here may not have bought any national spots. I didn't keep track of PSA's of CBS promos for obvious reasons. A few ads were psuedo PSA's, though, and I did count them. (Pepsi had some annoying generic weight loss promos that were really just ads for Lays Potato Chips).

Now, you may have just noticed that I said Pepsi had ads for Lays. A lot of advertisers might share a parent company. I'll try to track that down later and post a new list, but for now here are the brands advertisers, not necessarily the company's advertising.

The biggest ad buyer was easily JCPenney. They are a MAJOR supporter of HIMYM and well worthy of contacting (and shopping at). They ran 17 ads in 9 of the 18 episodes of Season 2. They were a named sponsor of 8 of those episodes. Indeed, if I included their sponsor mentions, they have had 25 ads. Here are the rest of the multiple ad buyers...

Pampers- 2
Target- 2
Chase- 2
Over the Hedge- 2
Sears- 2
Energizer- 2
Lee- 2
Flushed Away- 2
Subway- 2
Claritin- 2
Happy Feet- 2
Chrysler- 2
Lays- 2
Deck the Halls- 2
Centrum- 2
VW- 2
Zales- 2
Kay- 2
H&R Block- 2
Vytorin- 2
Music and Lyrics- 2
Prego- 2
Celebrity Cruises- 2
Gatorade- 2
Hyundai- 3
Dr. Scholl's- 3
Olay- 3
McDonald's- 3
Applebee's- 3
Maybelline- 3
Nissan- 3
Citi- 3
Olive Garden- 3
Discover- 3
Red Lobster- 3
Hallmark- 4
Toyota- 4
Campbell's- 5
Disney Parks- 5
Verizon/ Verizon Wireless- 6
T-Mobile- 6
Cingular/AT&T- 9

So, who should you contact at these advertisers? Well, ideally, you'd want someone in their marketing department or a media buyer. I'm going to try to come up with a Postcard designed specifically for advertisers. Hopefully I've that up on Monday. (Other postcards to show support for HIMYM can be found here)

Realistically, clicking on the "Contact Us" link at their websites will probably be fine. What should you say? Thank you. Thank them for supporting How I Met Your Mother, and if you use their product, tell them so and how you're an enthusiastic consumer because they advertise on HIMYM. Don't lie. Don't claim you'd never heard of Campbell's Soups before "How I Met Your Mother" or claim to have the wireless plan to 3 different carriers. There's no need. Do NOT threaten to boycott them or try to bully them into bullying CBS. Nothing negative people. Those methods are bound to backfire. Just be positive and encouraging. And good luck!

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