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Recap - We're not from here (0302)

Hope everyone enjoyed my attempt at a recap of the first episode. And by everyone, I mean my girlfriend. Lets keep up the pace with the second episode of season 3, "We're not from here".

We jump right to the cold open as Ted and Barney are asking the newlyweds if anything is different now that they are married. Evidently not, except that Marshall's having hand cramps. Barney points out the sexual innuendo there and Marshall only mostly denies it. He's mostly talking about all of the post wedding writing that's going on with thank you notes, forms, death folders. Not surprisingly, Barney calls a time out and wants an explanation of "death folders". Lily and Marshall set up the on-coming joke by saying that its something you prepare in case you die unexpectedly so all important info is in one convenient location. Lily helpfully catalogs such info as account information, important addresses, and a letter to the other. Marshall immediately looks stricken when she suggests this last thing and as Lily goes off to the bar, we learn that Marshall hasn't actually written a letter for the death folder. Though, he does include a list of funny things to do with his ashes. (#6, Marshall brownies) Marshall beats himself up some more and promises to write the letter when they get home. Barney and Ted, however, see an opening here and set out to jinx Marshall by proclaiming that he couldn't possibly die before writing that letter. Of course, they don't want Marshall to die. They just know Marshall will be upset that they are jinxing him. After valiantly pretending he is unmoved (and merely a *little* superstitious), Marshall knocks on wood, throws salt over his shoulder, and twirls in a circle before racing out of MacLaren's to go write his letter. And theme song!

And show! Saget busts in before a commercial can start to introduce us to the Robin story for this week and we flashback to see Argentinian Robin. Let's call her Petirrojo (and lets call that a Babelfish joke). Petirrojo is all amazed at the oneness of everything and super excited about drum circles. Everything Robin isn't and also everything completely insufferable. Oh, and she's got dorky vacation braids. Flashforward to Robin showing the gang (minus a letter writing Marshall) her vacation photos which much to Barney's delight include topless Petirrojo at a drum circle. Topless and bottomless lots of other people, too, as Lily remarks that its like Where's Waldo with exposed genitalia but really easy. Robin tries to assert that she is still Petirrojo, but Barney is having none of it and is also helpfully recapping Robin's character for our new viewers. (Hi guys!) He also repeatedly goes to Ted for some back-up who is adult about things and mantras that he's happy that Robin's happy. Barney keeps at it, though, and insists that evolved Robin will disappear as soon as Guy-L's expiration date comes due. There is a good side bit where Ted quietly snickers at Barney's "best if banged by date" condemnation of Guy-L. Speaking of, the Kryptonian lover enters in the middle of this as Lily warns everyone to switch to big words. Hilariously, the rest of the conversation takes place using mildly obscure words that we gather aren't in Guy-L's ESL vocabulary. He hopefully thinks that the discussion is about baseball and Ted is just jubilant that his former paramour is jubilant.

We return from our delayed commercial break to find Marshall writing his letter to Lily. Throughout this scene, we see the letter read by "Marshall from the beyond" residing in a little cloud filled oval over Marhsall's shoulder. At first I thought we were seeing angel Marshall and devil Marshall, but I guess that will have to wait. We skip through the letter as Marshall gets all cutesy (his lover runs deeper than a Scottish loch), paranoid (trust no one), and back to cutesy. Best bit was Marshall telling her not to trust Ted if he dies in suspicious circumstances. Marshall considers this and returns to add, "especially not Ted". Many pages and kleenex later and Marshall slides his letter into his death folder. Overcome from bearing his heart, his curiosity gets the better of him and he opens Lily's letter to him. Alas, Lily didn't actually do the letter writing herself and its just account info and a reminder to cancel Vogue and Elle subscriptions. Or, maybe she was just signing her name "L". Works either way.

We find ourselves back at the bar as Guy-L recounts a harrowing tale of his efforts to talk peacefully to a brother shark. Didn't seem to work as the story ends, "and that's the last thing I remember before going to the hospital". While a crowd of women are enraptured, Ted and Barney are busy being jealous that Guy-L has it so easy just because he's better looking and from out of town. This leads Barney to a scheme to pretend to be tourists visiting New York City. You know, I'm sure if the series is on for a few years, "Barney has a scheme" episodes are the kind of thing that could get tiresome, but we aren't there yet so this should be fun.

We pick of the boys as Barney has Suited Down to stay in character and Ted lays out their back story as French tourists. Barney immediately throws Ted's fantasy away, opting instead for a bad Southernish accent and proclaiming himself from Missoureh. He asks two amenable looking women what street the Statue of Liberty is on, and she patiently tells him its on an island. Barney introduces himself with the totally real name of Ignatius Peabody Nobel. (So, he's a Swedish Jesuit from Missouri?) After his good job on his own name, he opts not to tempt fate and introduces Ted as his friend "Ted". Ted goes to seal the deal and adopts just a hint of an accent as he by-gosh-and-gollies their way into an invite to be shown the city the next day. Ted is bothered, though, when the girls brand MacLaren's a lame bar.

Back at the pub, Lily asks Robin how things are with Guy-L and Robin tips her hand by being overly positive in response. It seems
Petirrojo was way more into "experiencing" her food and having tables swept off for impromptu moments of passion than Robin is. Of course, given that Guy-L is now hand feeding her spaghetti and knocking off laptops, its hard to blame her. Oh, and Robin is still tracking sand around which is really troubling her. But she is committed to keeping Petirrojo alive so she commits herself to not being bothered by all this and remaining "evolved". We move on to Robin's shower as she tries to put this in action by not being bothered when Guy-L uses the toilet while she's in the shower. After talking herself through this, though, she learns that its actually some Aussie bloke in the bathroom with her. Seems Guy-L has invited a bunch of "traveling friends" to stay with Robin indefinitely. The Aussies are more excited by this than Robin.

We return from commercial to find Lily giving Marshall a thank you note to sign. Marshall passive aggressively notes that she wrote on both sides of a thank you note to his third cousin for a blender they haven't even opened. (Dude, your 3rd cousin is giving you a blender? Score!) Lily, obviously, recognizes that its an awesome blender and Marshall sheds some of the passive to suggest that she marry the blender if she likes it so much. Lily helpfully reminds Marshal that she can't, since she married him already which netted them this awesome blender. Am I the only one who wants to see this blender play an important role in an upcoming episode?

Lily does pick up on Marshall's increasingly obvious pissiness and Marshall finally gives away that he's read her parting letter. Lily is not amused by this but Marshall holds his ground and goes to storm out. Lily stops him to cutely point out that this is their first fight as a married couple. Being the romantic that he is, Marshall can't help but recognize this relationship milestone with a hug, but he's still not over it and resumes the storming out.

Future Ted steps in to Sagat on about how great New York is as we see stock footage of some NYC landmarks. There is just so much to see and do, but it seems the girls that Ted and Barney picked up brought them to their favorite restaurant: Tater Skins, a thinly veiled rendition of TGI Applebees with everything but a blue french horn on the wall. (Good thing, or Ted would end up telling one of the girls he loved her) Ted is even less amused, but Barney is committed to getting laid and is thrilled with how easy this is all going. He even ventures to try a knock-knock joke next which does quite well with the ladies after they return from the bathroom and invite the boys to a party at a friends.

Robin is back with the Aussies as she tries to very patiently give them some house rules. So patient, she corrects herself and calls them "guidelines for harmonious living". G.F.H.L. #1 is don't pee in the sink. #2 is no pot muffins as Robin got herself high before going on the air that morning. It seems there was not a lead story about how weird her hand was. She tries to go to #3 and ask them be quiet but they erupt in cheers at the unidentified sporting event they are watching (probably soccer) and clearly were ignoring her all along.

Meanwhile, Ted and Barney are with their tour guides in a cab to this party. Barney remains in character, though he and Ted have both shed their accents by this point. The girls don't seem like they'd have noticed. Ted keeps trying to blow their cover, though, as he grumbles about the route they are taking and the neighborhood they are going to, leaving Barney to cover for him. (Seems Missouri Ted has been watching too many "Steinfeld" reruns) Ted's apprehension is soon proven right as they get mugged when they end up in the South Bronx. Wasn't so bad for Barney, though, as his dedication to the role meant he only had traveler's checks.

We find ourselves back at Apartment Central and Marshall can't believe Lily hasn't apologized and Lily can't believe that Marshall betrayed her trust and opened the letter. She explains that she can't write the letter because she can't bare to think about not being with Marshall. Besides, at this point she knows Marshall will just read the letter right away anyway. Marshall promises that he won't look at it, though, and Lily relents. Marshall presses his luck and asks for a little dirty stuff with the letter. Good call, as Lily promises to write all dirty stuff with just a little clean stuff. She even agrees to toss in some Polaroids.

Back to the scene of the crime in the South Bronx as Ted wants to call it a night, but is tempted back in when Barney suggests that the mugging will lead to "Thank God We're Alive" Sex. On cue, the ladies invite the boys back to their place to "recover". Ted guesses that live in the West Village but is corrected that they actually live in West Orange. New Jersey. Home to
Ian Ziering, Scott Wolf, and Thomas Edison. Ted seems to have no appreciation for this history, though and is speechless at this news until one of the ladies pushes him over the edge by calling New Jersey, "pretty much New York". Ted blows his cover to express his indignation at two Jersey Girlies playing themselves off as New Yorkers. Because the only thing worse than pretending to be tourists to score with New Yorkers is pretending your New Yorkers to impress tourists. He closes his rant by inviting them to crawl back to the "open sewer pipe they call the Holland Tunnel" and flush themselves back to "pretty much New York". Ted will do a lot for sex, it seems, but going to New Jersey is out of the question. Barney brings back the accent for one last attempt to cover for Ted, but the ladies leave with the Newark born cops and the boys are stuck in the South Bronx. Good thing they are New Yorkers, though.

Back at Robin's, she's woken up by a drum circle and storms out to find none other than Petirrojo at the bongos. Seems Petirrojo thinks Robin is a total buzz kill and rips into her for her lack of a tan, beaded braids, and armpit hair and the whole working thing. Its just so American to have a job. Robin defends herself by noting that she's actually Canadian. (Hi, new viewers!) Petirrojo implores Robin to dedicate herself to the important things. Like thinking about peace. Robin has a moment of realization, though, and now sees that Petirrojo is actually boring, lame, and sandy and not the real Robin. Petirrojo doesn't want to take no for an answer and goes all in and she starts to come on to Robin. There is a hilarious shot of vacation Robin inching closer to real Robin as they are about to kiss before Robin wakes up to actual drumming in the living room and goes to kick out the Aussies. They ignore her until Robin returns packing heat. The take the hint and head out with a "Michael Moore was so right about Americans" which Robin responds with an "I'm Canadian!". Good thing they just reminded us about her gun-loving and her Canadianness earlier in the episode. Robin wraps everything up by breaking up with Guy-L. Thankfully, after putting down the gun. FTed Sagets that after this she went back to being Robin. We're reminded of the special bond she has with Barney as they hang-out at MacLaren's. She especially gets his attention by relating a return visit from Petirrojo in her dreams, this time going all the way. She may be sandy, but she knows what Robin likes.

Finally, we comic back Lily giving Marshall her letter and getting him to swear not to open it. Marshall does, and Future Ted tells us that he kept that promise for 22 beautiful years of marriage until one sad day, November 1, 2029. We see future Marshall (played by Jason Segal with a bald cap) sitting behind an ornate desk and looking pensive. He slowly takes out the letter from Lily, kisses it and solemnly opens it. "Lily from the beyond" pops up in her own cloud-filled oval to read it for us: "Busted! I knew you'd read this. You suck Marshall. You totally suck!" Dismayed, future Marshall looks around the otherside to confirm that this is, indeed, the parting message of his beloved wife. "That's it?" he exclaims, calling out to Lily. Ah, but it was all a ruse and in walks Future Lily (again, its just Alyson in age make-up) who notes that she was right and he didn't keep his promise. Marshall reminds her that she didn't include her promised dirty pictures, either. She offers to add some now, but Marshall feels this misses the point as it was 29 year old Lily he wanted dirty pictures from. Future Lily is understandably not amused, leaving future Marshall to cover and for us to learn that as Mandy Moore got to plug her album last episode, its Enrique's turn this time.

So, for the few doubters, Lily is not the mother. She remains happily married to Marshall until at least 2029. I was actually really amused by that flash-forward, even with the fake-out. I do think they made future Marshall and Lily a bit too old, but you got the feeling that Marshall's done quite well for themselves and they are society types who might just be that prim and proper at 51. Plenty are, I guess. At least this still leaves hope for future Barney being played by Steven Weber.

DVD out tomorrow!

The Season 2 "How I Met Your Mother" DVD is coming out on Tuesday at all major retailers. has the best price right now at $27.99, but Target is selling it at the same price with a promise of an exclusive booklet. No word, yet, on what that exclusive booklet entails but right now Target is the only place promising something. A lot of recent releases have come paired with some sort of exclusive incentive that is often different at all the major "brick & mortar" stores. I know Heroes and The Office all had multiple prizes at Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, etc, but it looks like right now only Target has something special. Do watch Amazon's price, though, as it might drop tomorrow.

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How I Met Your Swag

So, putting the ratings business behind us, the good folks over at TV Squad were kind enough to lift back the vail of TV publicity and show us a How I Met Your Mother goodie that came with a recent press kit in support of the Season 2 DVD. They are the proud owners of none other than a Talking Barney Bobblehead. Complete with three catch phrases which TV Squad so kindly shares with us. Go check it out and feel free to start pestering CBS into mass marketing them instead of just sending them to press folks. Or hope one ends up on eBay.

Ratings News for 9/24

Overnight ratings aren't very good. HIMYM finished third behind Dancing with the Stars and the debut of Chuck. They were close with Chuck, which is good, but overall its down from last season. Monday is getting increasingly competitive and hopefully that will give the show some leeway. All of CBS's returning shows took a hit compared to last season, but HIMYM's dip was the steepest.

Still more "Wait for It" responses

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I'm sure I missed plenty of others, so feel free to share in the Comments.

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As always, be sure to go to, scroll all the way down and click on Feedback to tell CBS that you loved the show.

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Recap - Wait for it (0301)

So, a new season and I'm reopening my blog to see how far I manage to take my grand plans. Nothing too elaborate yet, just trying to add to the growing HIMYM community. No fancasts, but you can get that elsewhere. No awesome forums, but you can get that elsewhere. No recaps from the fine folks at the Bravo Network, but you get the picture. I'm just trying to do my thing, and respect all the good folks who got here first. So, with that self-serving introduction, lets review the season 3 premiere, "Wait for It".

What with Cadillac bringing you CBS and Nissan bringing you NBC, it seems automakers are bringing us a lot of TV tonight. Or at least TV involving Lyndsy Fonseca. Someone check if they sponsor Desperate Housewives.

Speaking of Lyndsy, we get right into things with a shot of the Ted's kids. It looks like a pretty obvious reuse of their doubtlessly voluminous footage of Luke and Leia looking bored and bewildered. The audience is quickly confused those as Future Ted Sagets that we already know the short version of how he met their mother. (We did?) You know, the story about the yellow umbrella? (the what?) But before he reminds them of the story they know and we don't, he Sagets on to drive home the premise of the show for anyone joining us. This is the story of how Ted became the person he needed to be in order to meet their mom. Welcome new viewers! Try not to let Saget scare you.

Perhaps driving home the notion of introducing the show to new audiences, Ted suggests that this story begins... wait for it... here, as we jump back to the present (well, May) and Barney finishes his legendary. So, this is where it begins? What was season 1 and 2, then? Nevertheless, you have to appreciate that they do step right back into it with no previouslies to explain Barney's "...dary!" Until Barney says the full word for the folks just joining us. Again, hi new viewers! Seriously, don't be scared of the Saget.

Barney man crushes on Ted for having his wingman back while Ted continues to be Ted and is all wussy sensitive-dude about the whole thing and needing time to recover from Robin. FTed Sagets us into the the recovery flashforwards us through the flash backs to get us to the present or as close to the present as the show gets. Ted grows a break-up beard as Barney wants to pose as corrupt judges for a Long Island beauty contest. Ted paints the apartment while Barney proposes the finish line of woman's road race. Ted's doing well as Barney wants to get them "Cirque du so laid" but Ted's still being Ted as the gang enjoy liquid refreshment at McClaren's.
He just needs the proper inspiration, though, which Robin thoughtfully provides as she picks that moment to return from Argentina with Enrique Iglesias playing Guy-L, her evidently Kryptonian rebound. Which takes us to Ba-ba-bah-bah ba-ba-bah ba ba-bah ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-bah.

No commercial, so I guess we're going to keep on keeping on. We're back to the old apartment as Barney and Marshall are gaming and Ted is ranting while progressively shaving off the break-up beard. He's doing it segments, so he maintains cohesive looks every time he re-emerges from the bathroom. For whatever its worth, I do the same exact thing and SO wish I could pull of the Chester A. Arthur that Ted's sporting when he first appears. The gang, of course, spend more time ragging on Ted's facial hair than actually giving him caring advice. As it should be.

Ted's all focused on Robin trying to "win" the break-up (and welcome to the set-up for tonight's episode, by the way) and Lily is incredulous. Which takes us to a flashback in a flash back as we return to McClaren's for their introductions to Guy-L and their inability to understand his name. Wikipedia thinks its spelt Gael, though I was thinking it was like Guile, the Street Fighter character after I stopped hearing his Kryptonian name Guy-L. Ted's stuck on "Gayle". Barney gets the rhyme scheme right and guesses Kyle. Marshall straight-up has Ted's back as he goes with "girl". Robin evidently was on the same page as me as she teaches them "Guy-L". This gives Super Rebound the chance to teach the gang about joy and the bringing of joy and generally be annoyingly perfect.

We flash-forward to a now be-mustached Ted who further develops Guy-L's character by establishing him as a masseuse and sending us back into the time-machine so Guy-L can continue teaching the gang the ways of Guy-L, which seem to include making love while wind-surfing. Barney's not buying that, though, as he seems to have a list of 33 vehicles in which one can have sex in or upon and windsurfboard's just not on it. We also learn that Barney's had sex in/on 31 of 33, needing only the Apollo 11 space capsule and a bobsled. I quickly wonder if the full list will be on Barney's Blog.

Ted has finally bearded down and is ready to hit the town with Barney while Marshall and Lily have a double date with Robin and Guy-L, who Lily is totally crushing on to Marshall's dismay. Lily attempts to talk down Guy-L by insisting that girl's never marry the incredibly hot guy which obviously saddens Marshall. While Lily badly covers for herself, Marshall insists that they are not to like "Male Gayle" for the sake of their friend Ted. They aren't even to make eye contact when he comes over for their double date.

Which allows FTed to come back and Sagat us forward to Robin and Guy-L's arrival with an uncomfortable Lily looking everywhere but at Guy-L. You've got to love Bob Saget's scorn whenever he says Guy-L in the narration. See new viewers. I told you not to fear him. Meanwhile, Robin has pulled Ted aside to give him the dreaded, "I just want to make sure you're okay with this," which really sets Ted off. He's a-ranting as he and Barney make it downstairs to McClaren's. Barney decides this would be a good time for some Stinson-brand motivation as he declares that he will top Robin's "10" by getting Ted a 12. And if not a 12, 2 6's. Or 3 4's. Worst case scenario, they go to Staten Island for 12 1's. As Barney wraps up his Magnolia style pep-talk, he realizes that Ted just does fine without "Have you met Ted?" because he's lip-locked with some faux-dangerous woman who's just entered the Bar. They release and we find out that one John Dorian's string of guest star ex's Mandy Moore is on the scene to play against type as Amy, the hyper-sexual tattoo'ed lady of danger. I'm not buying it.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like Mandy Moore. I don't know why, but I've always found her refreshingly unpretentious for some reason. She reminds me of that girl in high school you expect to hate but end up actually liking because she's actually way more genuine than you thought even thought you can't convince any of your friends to give her a shot because she really doesn't seem like someone you'd like. Besides, she was awesome in Saved! I guess it helps that her music really means nothing to me so I've only ever bothered to form an opinion of her as an actor. That said, she was a bit too self-consciously acting here. Its not awful, but it is a touch distracting. Still, I guess that's the point of stunt casting.

We come back from commercial to find Ted and Amy still a-kissing and Barney trying desperately to draw attention to himself. We quickly move back to the Old Apartment where the uncomfortable double-date is in full-swing. Indeed, its so uncomfortable they are talking it out which only makes it more uncomfortable after Marshall totally gives away Lily's crush which turns Lily into a 13 year old. Robin, though, is really just thinking about Ted until Guy-L gets her mind off him with a nice back massage. Marshall uses this as an excuse for some lawyering, but Guy-L is evidently fully accredited in Argentina with a laminated card and everything.

We move back to McClaren's as Barney finally gets Ted's attention and suggests they blow this Popsicle stand for Barney's pre-planned night of debauchery, complete with Barney's "spoiler alert" that the night will end at a place that is so after hours, its three days from now. What up? Ted's having none of this and insists that he's committed to macking with Amy, even if Barney had nothing to do with the hook-up. Barney and Amy banter for a bit until Ted ends up kissing her again.

MEANWHILE, Marshall plots his revenge on Guy-L by massaging his chicken with unwashed hands. The cad! Only, Guy-L has gotten the upper hand. Both of them, actually, as massaging out the ancient emotions of Lily. Marshall isn't buying Lily's story of building Guy-L up to tear him down, or her missing bra.

Back at McClaren's, FTed Sagets us up to speed as he's having fun, Amy's hooked Barney up with some random blonde, and they all steal some spirits. After some more Amy/Barney banter, Amy suggests they go back to her place. Barney's not interested in returning with "1994 Courtney Love" but is won over when she reveals she has a hot-tub. Cue the hot tub as Barney's chilling and drinking. Ted admires Amy's tats, but she hears "tits" and promptly boasts about them and offers Ted a feel. I'd have just assumed Ted didn't say tats, either, given how boring Moore's fake tattoos are. Once Ted corrects her (seriously, you're correcting her?), she suggests Ted get inked himself which sets off more Barney banter. Barney's blonde tries to deflect this by rather pointedly offering herself to Barney, but Barney is way more committed to the banter as Ted humor's Amy's tattoo suggestion. Things are cut short when we learn that this is not Amy's place or Amy's hot-tub when some kid finds them and prompts a quick escape as we learn that Amy used to nanny for them before getting fired. Barney notes that he wouldn't even let her watch his fake kids he pretends to have to score with single moms. With that, he tries to end the evening, but Ted's evidently been kissing Mandy Moore too long because he slips into full-on Zach Braff mode as he daydreams about Robin and Guy-L getting ready to make love while wind-surfing. Amusingly, the fantasy peters out as Ted tries to get a handle on the logistics that were bothering Barney earlier. Still the damage is done as drunk Ted resolves to get a tattoo much to Barney's dismay who proclaims this is going in his blog. As Ted drives off in a cab, Barney's wingman bond is broken though and he now takes up the random blonde's blunt offer of sex. Exit Barney.

Enter, tattoo parlor as Ted designs his totally bitchin' Robin revenge tattoo with flame accents. This gives Amy some arson inspirations but Ted's not that drunk. He is drunk enough to black out on Legend... though and we flash forward to Ted waking up the next morning and frantically searching for a tattoo. He finds none and is relieved, but the viewers at home quick see that he's actually acquired a butterfly "tramp stamp" on his lower back. Commercial sign!

We come back as topless Ted saunters into the living room and brags about his night to Marshall and Lily who buy it until Ted turns around. They naturally immediately plot his comeuppance because nothing is better than the come-upping of Ted. They call Barney who comes over besuited but with no tie. Have we seen that before? Barney grumps about Ted as the newlyweds plot to get Ted to reveal his new ink to a breathlessly amused Barney. Barney slowly sets up the reveal, as he winds around talk of wings and cocoons in an elaborate plan to prompt Ted to say "butterfly" to the delight of all in attendance. This is a great example of the very natural way these characters make fun of each other. The shots of Marshall and Lily trying not to crack up during Barney's set-up were perfectly played. A well-placed back-slap reveals to Ted that something is amiss. Upon realizing he has been branded with "ass antlers", his black-out is lifted and we flash back so Saget can fill us in.

Back at the Tattoo parlor, Amy and Ted swap break-up stories as she bashes her wussy ex-boyfriend Steve. But she does think Ted and Robin can stay friends since she's still close with Steve, who we learn is the tattoo artist about the ink-up Ted. When he turns around and we see his "AMY" tattoo on his chest, its apparent that this isn't ending well for Ted. (FYI, the tattoo artist had a recurring role on HIMYM's old time-slot rival Kitchen Confidential)

We already knew this wasn't ending well for Ted, though, since its already the next morning. Ted searches for something to soothe his tramp stamp and comes upon some Spanish massage oil, giving Marshall and Lily the chance to flash back and explain how last night got "weird" for them, too. Marshall, it seems had fallen for Guy-L's charms as well. Still, their pain is now a distant memory what with Ted's tramp stamp. Ted sets off for Robin's.

Once he arrives (still in his PJ's, might I add) he is quick to lay some ground rules. No big speeches to win her back. No indie rock songs crescendoing as they kiss. No, Ted is just regretting the mature break-up in the face of Guy-L and wants to shout for a bit. He realizes, though, that he doesn't have much to shout about. Robin notices that he's shaved. She liked the beard, as did Ted who contemplates growing it back for the cold of the winter. By the way, Ted really did look good with the beard. Ted whines that Robin got over him so quickly, but Robin assures him that she didn't and just got together with Guy-L because she needed a rebound. Do note that while praising Guy-L, Ted works in a plug for tonight's sponsor, Cadillac. Nice work, Mosby. Basically, Ted's mostly annoyed at how perfect Guy-L was. Robin, though, knows just the right thing to say and reassures Ted that he has the bigger penis. No, not metaphorically.

Which really is all Ted needed to hear and we're back at McClaren's toasting his break-up victory. He may have a tramp-stamp, but he's the bigger man all the same. FTed is Sagating over this part as he claims ignorance to how he got over his jealousy of Guy-L. We're back in premise land, though, as FTed muses on his wild and crazy journey to meeting their mother and we see the outside of McClaren's as someone with a yellow umbrella walks on by.

OMG! We totally just saw the mom! Kinda. Except not really. But we now she will have a yellow umbrella so we have a replacement for the blue French horn in How I Met Your Mother iconography. Hooray!

So, the stunt casting never quite gelled, but the episode was still really about the interrelationships of our gang so I was amused. A solid episode all around that's left me eager for the season to come. Also eagerness inducing was the episode's parting shot as we see Marshall ominously calling Barney after-hours to direct him to the already revealed Yes, Slap #3 is coming and Marshall is keen on tormenting Barney with it. Great scene that showcases the great chemistry Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris have together. Even without sharing the screen, they communicated so much about how the characters relate to each other. Kudos!

That's all for this week. Stay tuned and see how much I bother to update this blog. Encourage me at your peril.

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MySpace is... wait for it...

Have you visited How I Met Your Mother's MySpace page recently? Its been recently revamped with lots more awesomeness. Building off their MySpace guerrilla marketing success last season, they've given the whole profile a once over with snazy new graphics, snazy new pictures (which I've stolen and made 15 new title graphics out of), and (wait for it) complete episodes. Go check it out and enjoy Slapbet, aka Robin Sparkles, and World's Greatest Couple.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Haaaave you met Season Three?

Because you will.

Well, you know that. After the good news, I didn't feel a big need to post, but wanted to come back and update the... no one? who is reading the blog about my future plans. With Season 3 in the future, the next step is to generate interest in the show and continue letting CBS know that we love it.

For my part, I'm going to post recaps and reviews of "How I Met Your Mother" and maybe even join the HIMYM podcasting movement. The more fansites, podcasts, etc, I figure, the better. So, we'll see if I really have something to add. Stay tuned if you've managed stay tuned this far.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

No news is good news?

Not much news lately on the HIMYM renewal front, so not much to post. But with the finale coming up on Monday I figured its worth reminding everyone to watch Intertube episodes, leave online feedback, and watch the finale on Monday. Things have been looking positive, but until the upfronts later this month we can't be certain.

And to keep you entertain, a "How I Met Your Mother" fan (and I think reader of this blog) has posted a great video on YouTube of HIMYM clips re-arranged to recreate the "Friends" title sequence. Its a great piece of work, especially for those of us who see HIMYM as the worthy successor to the Friends legacy. Take a look...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Contact the Advertisers!

Over at the TWoP forums, it was suggested that contacting advertisers would be a good way to drum up support for "How I Met Your Mother". Never one to pass up the chance to steal a good idea, I sat down with my TiVo and cataloged all of the advertisers for Season 2 of HIMYM.

My TiVo has all first-run episodes, so these are only the advertisers for new episodes. Also, while I tried to take out any local ads, some are hard to catch since they might be a national advertiser buying local time. I tried to be safe rather than sorry, but just be warned that some of the advertisers here may not have bought any national spots. I didn't keep track of PSA's of CBS promos for obvious reasons. A few ads were psuedo PSA's, though, and I did count them. (Pepsi had some annoying generic weight loss promos that were really just ads for Lays Potato Chips).

Now, you may have just noticed that I said Pepsi had ads for Lays. A lot of advertisers might share a parent company. I'll try to track that down later and post a new list, but for now here are the brands advertisers, not necessarily the company's advertising.

The biggest ad buyer was easily JCPenney. They are a MAJOR supporter of HIMYM and well worthy of contacting (and shopping at). They ran 17 ads in 9 of the 18 episodes of Season 2. They were a named sponsor of 8 of those episodes. Indeed, if I included their sponsor mentions, they have had 25 ads. Here are the rest of the multiple ad buyers...

Pampers- 2
Target- 2
Chase- 2
Over the Hedge- 2
Sears- 2
Energizer- 2
Lee- 2
Flushed Away- 2
Subway- 2
Claritin- 2
Happy Feet- 2
Chrysler- 2
Lays- 2
Deck the Halls- 2
Centrum- 2
VW- 2
Zales- 2
Kay- 2
H&R Block- 2
Vytorin- 2
Music and Lyrics- 2
Prego- 2
Celebrity Cruises- 2
Gatorade- 2
Hyundai- 3
Dr. Scholl's- 3
Olay- 3
McDonald's- 3
Applebee's- 3
Maybelline- 3
Nissan- 3
Citi- 3
Olive Garden- 3
Discover- 3
Red Lobster- 3
Hallmark- 4
Toyota- 4
Campbell's- 5
Disney Parks- 5
Verizon/ Verizon Wireless- 6
T-Mobile- 6
Cingular/AT&T- 9

So, who should you contact at these advertisers? Well, ideally, you'd want someone in their marketing department or a media buyer. I'm going to try to come up with a Postcard designed specifically for advertisers. Hopefully I've that up on Monday. (Other postcards to show support for HIMYM can be found here)

Realistically, clicking on the "Contact Us" link at their websites will probably be fine. What should you say? Thank you. Thank them for supporting How I Met Your Mother, and if you use their product, tell them so and how you're an enthusiastic consumer because they advertise on HIMYM. Don't lie. Don't claim you'd never heard of Campbell's Soups before "How I Met Your Mother" or claim to have the wireless plan to 3 different carriers. There's no need. Do NOT threaten to boycott them or try to bully them into bullying CBS. Nothing negative people. Those methods are bound to backfire. Just be positive and encouraging. And good luck!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Watch HIMYM Online!

The latest "Ask Ausiello" column is available over at He shoots down two possible shows he was refering to in the blind item that started all this fuss and then makes a non-too-subtle segue to mentioning that "How I Met Your Mother" episodes are available online at Anyone holding out hope that its not HIMYM can take that as a sign to stop hoping and start acting.

And indeed, he gives us a hint on another way to get CBS's attention. I know we all watch HIMYM every week. Many of us have episodes TiVoed from the start of the season. But, CBS doesn't know we are doing that. They do know when someone watches a show online.

So, head on over to the official "How I Met Your Mother" page on Click the link to watch episodes on CBS's "Innertube" service an enjoy this great show with the full knowledge that your viewing will be catalogged on a server log for all to see.

Jason Segal knows NCAA

Interesting thing to note: CBS has posted some celebrity NCAA brackets on their website, including the cast of How I Met Your Mother, and Jason Segal is doing extremely well. His record is better than all the other celebrity and college basketball experts that they've posted. All his teams made it to the Final Four, so he can still improve. He's ranked 5th overall from the thousands of people who have registered brackets with CBS. While its safe to assume that he's probably tied for 5th, this is obviously an impressive showing and one hopes it gives some exposure to HIMYM. Congrats to Segal and I am now rooting for Florida and Georgetown to go to the title game.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Save HIMYM: Online Feedback

I hope everyone's written their letters and voted in polls, etc. I was thinking that an organized "virtual demonstration" might be effective, too. I'm wary about the effectiveness of online feedback. I know a lot of organizations barely glance at their online feedback. If the "I Love HIMYM" emails trickled in over a week, they may go unnoticed. However, if we all hit them on Monday night after the show airs, that might catch some attention.

So, I'm asking all "How I Met Your Mother" fans to go to tonight and scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Feedback" to let them know that you love the show and are looking forward to its 3rd season. If we make a habit of doing this every week, we might be able to draw some more attention to the strong fanbase for HIMYM.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Save One Show at E!

So, you've written your letter, left your online feedback, signed a petition, bought the DVDs, and uploaded a podcast. What next?

Why online polling, of course.

E! is first out of the gate with their "Save One Show" poll. Go over there and show your support for How I Met Your Mother.

Haaaaave you met the Season 1 DVD?

Something else you can do to show your support for HIMYM is buy the Season 1 DVD. DVD sales are increasingly important to demonstrating the audience for TV shows. While FOX actually produces the show and is the one who earns money from the DVD, CBS will pay attention to the DVD sales. Since you can't go back in time and buy one when it came out, you can at least get it now.

Look, if you don't have the money right now, don't feel guilty or anything. That's fine and totally understandable. I'm not trying to coerse anyone here. But if you do have some bucks to spare and haven't picked up the set, now would be a great time. The commentaries are a great listen and there are some other cool extras. Yes, its missing some music and deleted scenes would have be awesome, but its still a fine set that any fan of HIMYM would love. You may not know me, but consider it highly recommended by me all the same.

Have you already met the Season 1 set? Well, share your comments!

Oh, right. The Show.

We're not just about saving HIMYM here at "Your Mom Is a Blog". We also like the show. So in case you missed it, here is the MySpace exclusive extended version of Barney's Top 10 things he would have called his truck if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back.

How I Met Your Mother - How It Really Happened

What else?

So, you've written your letter. You've a signed a petition. Do you just sit back and wait for the show to be renewed? Heck no. If you post on a HIMYM forum, send them the link to this site. Urge people to take action.

After that, be creative. Make videos extolling the virtues of HIMYM and post them on YouTube. Record a podcast. Make a Flikr photo essay. Use the internet to get your message out and show people how great How I Met Your Mother is. And if you do something, let me know and I'll post it here at "Your Mom Is a Blog". Get to work, people!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Petitions Can't Hurt

While I think letter writing is more effective than petitions, its not like signing an online petition can hurt. So feel free to sign this one. It prompted me to donate money to the host website, but feel free to ignore that. Once you get to that page, you've already signed the petition.

Who to send to? (Local Edition)

At least as important as contacting CBS Television executives is contacting the Station Managers at their local affliates. It's always best to put a name on your letter, so try to find out the name of your local CBS station's top personnel before sending your letter.

How can you find that out? Well, if you're lucky, its already online. Wikipedia has a list of of CBS television stations and many of the Wikipedia pages for individual stations list their administration. My local CBS affiliate is WBZ-TV in Boston. Sure enough, it gives me their General Manager, their station manager, and anyone else I might want to contact. Another good person to contact is their Sales Director.

Now, not every Wikipedia entry will have that info, but don't worry. Check out your local station's website to see if they have it. If not, you can always just try calling them and asking for the name of their Station Manager and/or President. Local stations are a great way to have an impact here. Us contacting the CBS Network is good, but if we can get the local affiliates contacting them, it'll have an even greater impact. As always, be positive and encouraging. We don't need to despair yet, so keep things up-beat. We want to show them that there is a fan base for HIMYM who is dedicated and frequent viewers and that we are valuable to the network. Good luck!

Who to send to?

So, you've written your letter to CBS. No what?

Well, you'll want to send some right to the CBS Network. Remember, these people aren't our enemies. We're trying to offer them positive feedback. I can't say that enough (though I'm clearly trying) Here are some suggestions, but if you know any other executives at CBS Television, let me know and I'll add them to this list.

Leslie Moonves, President of the CBS Corporation: He's the biggest of the big at CBS, but presides over a lot more than just the CBS Network. Couldn't hurt to send him the letter, but he's not going to have much to do with day-to-day opperations at the Network.

His Mailing address is:
Leslie Moonves
CBS Headquarters
51 West 52 Street
New York, New York 10019-6188

Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment: As President of CBS Entertainment, Nina Tassler is the top person at the CBS Network in charge of shows like "How I Met Your Mother". Her biography even makes a point to mention the show. She's clearly a very important person to contact about this.

For all CBS Television executives, the mailing address is:
CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

My Letter to CBS

As long as I'm encouraging you to write to CBS, I wanted to show you what I'm writing to CBS. If its easier for you, feel free to use this as a guide for writing your own letter but do try to put it in your own voice for the most impact. Have your own letter to share? Post it in the Comments. I'll post the best of them as new blog entries. I'm sure you can do a better job than I did, so send them along. This won't take days for you to write your own, either. I wrote mine while watching TV. Just get your thoughts down and send them to CBS.

I wanted to express my significant appreciation and admiration for the CBS television program, How I Met Your Mother. This is one of the finest comedies on television today, and shaping up to one of the best sitcoms in television history. It is a testament to the CBS network and its advertisers that such an entertaining program is part of your line-up of shows.

I have eagerly watched How I Met Your Mother since its first season and have been continuously impressed at the quality of writing and acting of this show. I am an extremely amused viewer every Monday night. I watch eagerly ever week, including repeats, and the show has led me to sample other CBS programming that is promoted on the show. Before How I Met Your Mother, to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t watched CBS in years. As a young adult in my late 20’s, I simply did not feel the network had anything to offer me as a viewer. From Jericho to Rules of Engagement to Cold Case to The Class, I am now a CBS viewer and have advocated for your shows to my friends and family.

I want to thank you for bringing a fine program like How I Met Your Mother to the airwaves. It is part of a new generation of appointment television for those of us who have come of age with TiVo. I simply cannot wait to watch How I Met Your Mother and I know a great many people who agree with me. I look forward to enjoying this program on the CBS network for years to come.

Send CBS Online Feedback

Want something to do right now? Well, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Look for the link called "Feedback". Clicking on it will open a new window where you send CBS your comments about their shows. You can even select the show you want to offer feedback. Just remember, don't threaten CBS and pout at them or be angry. Just be positive and tell them you like the show and why. Tell them how often you watch the show. Tell them you are in a top demographic.

And while online feedback is great, I can't overstate the value of the printed word, so be sure to write a letter too. We need to make our voices heard as much as possible.

An Introduction of Sorts

This blog is for fans of "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS. Specifically, fans of "How I Met Your Mother" who want to continue enjoying the show on CBS.

This all started on March 21, when TV Guide columnist Michael Ausiello posted a "blind item" on entitled "Beloved Comedy on the Bubble". In it, he suggests an unnamed sitcom is at risk of cancellation which is not often thought as being "on the bubble". From his hints, its not hard to see that "How I Met Your Mother" is the likely show being discussed. Ausiello suggests that the show's future depends on people acting on his blind item. That's what "Your Mom Is A Blog" is all about.

Sure, we don't know for certain that HIMYM is at risk. Still, would it hurt to show CBS our appreciation of the show? I think not. I'm starting this blog to urge fans of "How I Met Your Mother" to write CBS and their local CBS affiliates to express their love for HIMYM and how much they hope the show will stay on the air for years to come. Lets offer some positive reinforcement. We shouldn't need talk of cancelation to express our enjoyment of the TV Shows we like. We TV Networks do right, we should let them know. We should thank them. All too often, people only complain about things they don't like. Understandably. They don't like a show, so they complain. They don't want a show cancelled, so they complain. Well, that's all well and good and I'm not here to say that TV viewer's shouldn't voice our negative opinions. But let us also take the opportunity to let our positive opinions be known. Let us train our networks not simply with the snark of the chain, but also with praise in a calm soothing voice. And possibly doggie treats. You know, if TV Execs go for that sort of thing.

So, I call upon the fans of "How I Met Your Mother" to write to CBS. Write to your local CBS station. Tell them that they are doing something right. Whether HIMYM is at risk or not, there is nothing wrong with telling someone they've done something good, and "How I Met Your Mother" is definitely good.

I'll try to keep this Introduction at the top of my blog, so continue reading for information about contacting local affiliates, calls to action, sample letters, and more. Let our voices be heard. Let CBS known that we like them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007